Jaunimo linija (Youth Line) is the most popular emotional support line in Lithuania and is facing a challenge of answering all the calls. In 2012, volunteers were only able to pick up 1 in every 20 calls. Today, they are able to pick up 1 in every 3 calls they receive, because Jaunimo linija now has more phone lines, volunteers and support from the government, business and people. 

During the 12 month period (2015-2016), Jaunimo linija:

  • Volunteers received 190,000 phone calls. They were able to answer 60,000 calls (1 out of 3 calls). 
  • Volunteers responded to 1,600 emails and had over 100 online conversations after launching Chat* in December, 2016.
  • Common reasons to call include:
    • relationship problems
    • meaning of life problems
    • self-harm and suicidal thoughts
    • addiction to substances
    • physical and sexual abuse
    • financial worries
    • school or study-related stress

* Jaunimo linija is the first emotional support line in Lithuania to use chat as an extra service to provide emotional support for young people. The results of the first chat quality survey have shown that chat visitors feel less anxious and suicidal after a live chat conversation.